Recording the Ideas

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Owing to the meditation for 10 minutes every morning, I often meet the moment some ideas come to my mind. I’m going to prepare the idea note to record it. A great discovery is not a big thing. I think it is related to the little things that happen around me.

Since starting this year, I feel like good things happen to me. If I grab good opportunities, I should prepare to practice in advance. Also, I have some power to show my ability right on time. One thing of the way to achieve it is the record of something.

These days it’s difficult to make for reading books because I have a lot of daily schedules. I’m going to go asleep and get up early tomorrow. Some people say it is “the miracle morning”. I know the importance of healthy habits to achieve something. I never give up although my plan is not perfect and sometimes I lost my road. Even if I’m frustrated that I fail to achieve my daily plan, I believe I can grow rather than before if I try to correct and practice it continuously.




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Ellie Kim

Ellie Kim

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