A Healthy Relationship

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

My personality is close to the introvert. While I’m working as a freelancer these days, I had a chance to think about my relationships. I don’t have many friends. I tend to make relationships with some people who are connected with me closely and deeply. I don’t have any uncomfortable feelings or problems about it. It’s is a burden to me emotionally to make relationships with many people. I think that relationship also needs to be minimal because keeping a good relationship with many people needs a lot of energy and effort. But there are some disadvantages to it. People is a social animal. We sometimes want to confirm our existence and achievement from others. When we need some help from others, we could request it from them if I knew some people who can support me. I didn’t feel any needs to broaden my relationship in the workplace two years ago while I was working as an office worker. But I’m an independent worker nowadays. It’s difficult to meet people who give a good influence on me. Therefore, I try to meet various people through online network activities such as book discussions, social meetings with colleagues in the same field, and so on. I enjoy meeting them. I’m going to broaden my width of thought and feeling.

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