Day6- Gray is the New Black

Millennials are not the fastest-growing market segment in the world. In fact, the population above the age of sixty is the fastest-growing market segment.

Photo by Esther Ann on Unsplash

How to think about generations

We can no longer assume that dynamism is a synonym for youth and decline is associated exclusively with old age. New technological developments will completely transform how we deal with retirement and geriatric care. pause for a moment to visualize a world in which our parents and grandparents are among the most active and productive people on the planet. Imagine millennials, raised in a high-tech world, starting businesses consciously intended to benefit a population over sixty. Consider the possibility of a world where age is less of a factor in hiring-where a seventy-year-old new hire, for example, might not be unusual. Gray will be the new black.

Don’t waste puffery on the gray consumer

There are two possible avenues to reassure seniors that products are being tailored to their needs. The first approach is to offer leasing options, which enables consumers to switch to a new product every few years, and will be more financially attractive to people who may not survive the useful life of the product. The second involves functionally designing products that anticipate declines in health, physical skills, or cognitive abilities in people who use them. In the case of washing machines, it’s entirely possible to accommodate some variation in user preferences across generations with multiple types of digital displays and controls, for example.

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