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When I opened the door, I found a big man standing there with his hands in his pockets, an even-toothed grin breaking across his body face. In the pictures I had of Roy, he was slender, dressed in African print, with an Afro, a goatee, a mustache. The man who embraced me now was much heavier, over two hundred pounds, I guessed, The goatee was gone; the African shirt had been replaced by a gray sports coat, white shirt, and tie. Auma had been right, though; his resemblance to the Old Man was unnerving. Looking at my brother, I felt as if I were ten years old again…. He threw back his head to laugh, a magical, inward sound that made his whole body shake as if he couldn't get over the wonders this new life had to offer. It was infectious his laughter-although I wasn’t laughing as we made our way to dinner. P.263, October 13, 2021




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Ellie Kim

Ellie Kim

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