02 Origins

There’s something Barack could learn from his dad’s episodes that his grandparents and mother told him. “Confidence. The secret to a man’s success.”

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Barack’s father was an African. He had been selected, by Kenyan leaders and American sponsors, to attend a university in the United States. It was the first large wave of Africans to be sent forth to master Western technology and brought it back to forge a new and modern Africa. He first met his wife, Barack’s mother, when she was 18 years old. As Barack got older, he often got a lot of opportunities to think about race, which is similar to what his father’s life had become. At that time, America had already begun to become weary of black people demanding equality. The problem of discrimination presumably solved that the Supreme Court of the United States would get around to tell the State of Virginia that its ban on interracial marriages violated the Constitution. In 1960, the year Barack's parents got married, miscegenation was still described as a felony in over half the state in the Union. In the eyes of young Barack, his parents looked like this. His father was black as pitch, but his mother was white as milk. -P.14, August 3, 2021.



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